Youngblood: My first HG and my first MMU

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July 13, 2017 by madaboutmakeup

My very first HG foundation, and the one that introduced me to the wonderful world mineral makeup: Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation in Warm Beige.



All the previous foundations or face powders I’ve tried were either too light, too dark, too pink, too brown, or too orange. For years, nothing quite matched my yellow undertones. I was actually okay with my then-foundation of nearly a year; although the initial application was a little bit lighter than my skintone, after an hour it would settle and melt into my color anyway, so it was fine. But I had yet to experience what makeup articles said about finding the right shade when it disappears into your skin soon after application, and when the color of your jawline matches that of your neck.With this one, I finally understood what they were talking about. It looks as if I didn’t put anything on my face at all!

Youngblood has a smooth slip and application, and good, buildable coverage. The finish is matte, with a slight glow. In addition, it comes in both loose form and pressed form, so I could always carry around the compact in my purse.

As my first HG and my first MMU, it will always have a special place in my heart – and my dresser drawer.


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